Had Your Butt Checked Out Lately?



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4 Replies to “Had Your Butt Checked Out Lately?”

  1. My anal pain started ,5 yrs ago,when I had banding of hemmoroid I!ve been to rectal dr’s had many epidermal shots to no help,,,take pain med little help. I am 83 yrs old ,very uneasy with this pain,Dr wants me to consider ,DRG stimulation,any advise will be appreciated. Ty Rosemary Weatherby,

  2. I am 27 i have had all my life but i can never get them to diagnose it but i know that’s what it is

  3. I’ve first started getting the pain when I was about 17 I’m 20 now I still get this pain out of no where though it is rare, I just had this pain like 10 mins ago and decided to look it up and came across this website

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