Scholarships for Nursing Students At Medicine Hat College

Noorali and Sabiya have offered three endowment scholarships for the nursing students at the Medicine Hat College. The first two were started in 1991 in memory of Noorali’s father, called Hussein Jina Bharwani Memorial Endowment. The first two recipients of these scholarships were in 1992. In 2001, a third scholarship was offered, called Dr. Noorali and Sabiya Bharwani Endowment. The first recipient of this scholarship was in 2002.

Scholarships 1 and 2: Hussein Jina Bharwani Memorial Endowment
Mr. Hussein Jina Bharwani died on February 4, 1991, at the age of 79 years. During Mr. Bharwani’s lifetime, he had medical and surgical problems, which required treatment on the surgical floor and ICU in different hospitals. He always appreciated the kindness, warmth, skill and human values shown by the nurses. These scholarships are offered to say “thank you” to the nursing profession.

Scholarship # 1: To be given to a nursing student at the end of the second year, after having successfully completed the second year of the Nursing program. The student must have maintained a GPA of 3.0 or better and will have demonstrated a keen interest in the nursing of patients. The student should also demonstrate strong clinical skills including good organization and assessment skills and have the ability to establish a positive and constructive rapport with patients, their families and co-workers.
Scholarship # 2: Will be awarded to a nursing student who has successfully completed the second year of the Nursing program with a GPA of 3.0 or better. The student should have demonstrated the ability to competently care for a critically ill patient. Candidate for this award will be selected by the Nursing faculty.

1992 Laura Botschatzke and Michela Smith
1993 Simon Keeping and Rajni Cudail
1994 Robin Burkart and Brenda Donnelly-Meyer
1995 Karen Miller and Kimberly Olsen
1996 Randy White and Shelley Eirich
1997 Brent Reid and Chaylene Wessner
1998 Joy Bertram and Lisa Rowan
1999 Janice Simpson and Susan Weisgerber
2000 Lorraine Schacher and Tracy Schafer
2001 Krista Griscowsky and Marcy Smith
2002 Laura Congdon and Lorna Ziegenhagel
2003 Sherri Schreiber and Karl Serfas
2004 Lyndsey Gilham and Brandi Cooper
2005 Karen Bensler and Lily Liu
2006 Brittany Fossum and Tamara Richardson
2007 Jessica Richard and Renae Marshall
2009 Carly Reimer and Judi Santos
2010 –
2011 Jamie Lawrence and Mandy Cragg
2012 –
2013 Taylor Kwochka and Shelley Baker
2014 –
2015 Tania Sparling
2016 –
2017 –
2018 –
2019 Danielle Wapple
2020 –
2021 Arlane Rivera and Avery Smyth

Scholarship 3: Dr. Noorali & Sabiya Bharwani Endowment
Noorali and Sabiya are interested in promoting preventive health and nursing education and this scholarship is offered in that spirit.

1. Recipient will be a first year Nursing Student with a minimum grade average of B (equivalent to 3.0)
2. Financial need may be a consideration in the selection process.

2002 Crystal Koop
2003 Kristen Hennes
2004 Holly LaBuik
2005 Linden Burgess
2006 Pamela Huber
2007 Angelique Gregg
2008 Candice Elton
2009 Stephanie Culp
2010 Shayla Kluzak
2011 Nikki Johnston
2012 –
2013 Triyana-Lea Payne
2014 –
2015 Charlene Lebel
2016 –
2017 –
2018 –
2019 Chelsea Gadd
2020 –
2021 Kolby Howell