Writing a Book

Noorali and his mother, reading his book, A Doctor's Journey.

Noorali showing his book (A Doctor’s Journey) to his 87-year-old mother Sikina Bharwani in Calgary.

“Congratulations! You have done what many have talked about and never accomplished. I look forward to reading your book,” wrote my friend Kathy when I told her about my book, A Doctor’s Journey.

I am lucky to have accomplished this feat. Nine months ago, I was sitting in the intensive care unit of the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital worried about my health. But in the last couple of months I have been feeling pretty high and excited. That’s how life is. We all have our highs and lows. We just hope we have more highs than lows.

In August, I finished eight years as a columnist for the Medicine Hat News. In the next couple of weeks I will be writing my 300th “What’s up doc?” column. This would not have been possible without the help and encouragement from the present and former editors of the News and the readers of my column.

Writing a column on health, wellness and happiness has been a very healthy exercise and a source of joy. It also gave me enough confidence and material to write a book.

I believe that anything happening within and around our body directly or indirectly affects our feelings and hence our health. So the topics I choose for my columns vary a lot – from a purely medical to personal and family stories. It also depends on what sort of questions I get from the readers.

I love sharing my stories with the readers of my column. The stories are sometimes happy ones sometimes sad ones. But people relate to these stories as most people go through the same emotional ups and downs as I do.

I have written quite a bit about myself, my parents and other family members. Recently, I wrote about my nephew’s wedding. That story had many angles but it was also about happiness, choosing a good partner in life and dreaming about the future. All part of being healthy and well. People in happy relationships live longer and have better lifestyle.

My travel stories have similar message of happiness, friendship and how to stay healthy by taking time off from our stressful lives. This allows us time to spend with our friends and families. There is some thing to learn when we share our experience with others. That is part of being healthy and happy.

Writing A Doctor’s Journey was an exercise in patience and an exercise in happiness and satisfaction. I am thankful to so many people who helped me achieve my goal. They have been acknowledged in the book. The book costs $18 and is available at the Medicine Hat News, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Medicine Hat Regional Hospital Gift Shop, Damon Lanes Tea Room, Hair Palace, Alberta Massage and Spa, MacKenzie Eye Care Centre and my office.

On Thursday, September 28th, you are invited to come and celebrate with me the release of my first book at the Courtyard room, Medicine Hat College from 6 PM to 9 PM. There will be signing of the book and refreshment will be served. Part of the proceeds (25 per cent) from the sale of the books that evening will be donated to Medicine Hat News Santa Fund. I hope you can come.

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