Religion and Peace

My first column appeared on August 13th, 1998. In that my imaginary friend Dave asks, “Doc, how can I stay healthy?”

This question is valid today as it was four years ago. Perhaps it has been valid for many hundred years. I guess our ancestors cared about their health as much as we do. And our struggle to stay healthy will continue. There are no short cuts and no magic pills. Its hard work!

Some people believe that physical health should go hand in hand with spiritual health. But is our spiritual health in any better shape than our physical health?

My December 30th, 1999 column was about “nirvana for the lifetime”! As somebody has said, “If a man thinks about his physical or moral state, he usually discovers that he is ill.” If we look at the philosophy and practices of all the great religions of the world we would not find any people in the world who do not believe in the existence and survival of human souls.

Unfortunately, we have people in our society who do not believe in this.

More than half the world’s population is made of Christians and Moslems. Like the Bible, the Qur’an is a book of divine revelation. The Bible and the Qur’an both reveal the word of God, says an article in The Newsweek. Both speak of prophets, redemption, heaven and hell.

Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism make up most of the rest of the world who believe in God and the triumph of good over evil.

Historically, people have been fighting with each other since Adam and Eve. All the messengers of God have come and gone. They made many changes. But they did not abolish greed, conflicts, wars, hatred, revenge and thirst for blood.

Religion and education has made us smarter but we cannot get rid of our primitive instinct of hatred and revenge. Well meaning decent people try very hard to suppress those unhealthy feelings. And to most extent they succeed. But there are others who use their religion and education to produce more powerful and sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.

Nobody talks about the gentler kinder society anymore. Not even in the month of December. We are still talking about war, suicide bombings and revenge. All the talk is about attack. Is there a safe place in this world to hide, relax and meditate?

I was looking at my millennium edition column in The Medicine Hat News. It was about ELMOS (exercise, laughter, meditation, organic healthy food, stress relief). The message was and is to combine physical health with spiritual health. Exercise for the body, peace for the mind, prayers for the soul. That was two years ago!

In the last month or so, Hindus celebrated Divali, Muslims celebrated Ramadan and Eid, Jews celebrated Hanukkah, and now the Christians will celebrate Christmas. That means billions of people all over the world would have gone through prayers and celebration in one month. Is this going to change the bad and the ugly in our society?

May be it is time to clone a messenger with DNA from Jesus, Confucius, Moses, Mohamed, Krishna, Buddha, and call him – JECOMOMOKRIB. The question is – will he succeed where others have failed? Especially with a name like JECOMOMOKRIB? Sounds like Michael Jackson!

So how do you plan stay healthy in mind and body in 2003? Do you think Michael Jackson can heal the world or do we need JECOMOMOKRIB?

Greetings for the holiday season and Happy New Year. Let there be peace for all! Amen.

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