A Weakness for Alcohol can be Dangerous

Alcohol has been used and abused for generations. Previous attempts to make alcohol drinking illegal have failed miserably. There is a constant desire to use alcohol by humans who drink it for various reasons.

Most of us are well aware that alcohol can cause momentary lapse of judgment which can result in acts of irresponsibility. Sometimes this results in loss of limb or life.

Small amount of alcohol (one to two drinks) intake per day is known to reduce sickness and death from coronary artery disease. It makes the blood thinner and reduces the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Excessive abuse of alcohol causes cirrhosis of liver, liver failure and pancreatitis. These are very serious conditions. It can cause gastritis and bleeding which can be life threatening if not brought under control immediately. On a long term basis it causes cancer of the esophagus, breast and other cancers.

Alcohol is very heavy in useless calories. Alcohol abuse during pregnancy causes fetal alcohol syndrome in the new born.

Alcoholism is considered a disease. It is a compulsive addictive behavior. About 10 per cent of the population is addicted to it. Alcohol is a drug with complex behavioral effects. It causes traffic or work related accidents. It is a major cause of death and disability. It destroys a person’s personal life, family life and capacity to earn a decent living.

Unfortunately, the good side of alcohol is sometimes abused by individuals who get addicted to it. Therefore physicians are reluctant to encourage or promote alcohol as a panacea for major health problems.

Critics of alcohol use say that much of the protective effect gained from alcohol use in coronary artery disease can be achieved by other means – exercise, diet, avoiding smoking and control of cholesterol level.

We can maintain a happy and healthy life style without the use of alcohol. And finally, there are many economic advantages in not using alcohol. So save money, avoid useless calories and remain sane by not drinking alcohol.

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One Reply to “A Weakness for Alcohol can be Dangerous”

  1. Hi Doctor. I thought of writing this after I read your article dated on Warfarin etc.

    I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit on 6th May 2009 and was in the ICU for about 9 days. I could not recognize my wife and unable to talk and my wife called the ambulance.

    From the bill I find that Doctors Joseph Javier, Emad Salih, Ciubotaru, Bao Dang, Michael Weigel ,Cameron, Steyn Morrison etc must have attended on me.

    After discharge I saw Dr. Salih and he gave me a copy of my Brain which shows an artery on the left side has narrowed. Dr, Salih said it must be a TIA and the blood clot was there and moved out and I was lucky. He referred me to Foothills to the Neurology department. They did not do anything. It was a waste of money and time going there.

    My Carotid artery on the neck is narrowed.

    Dr.Salih prescribed for me Plavix 75 mg and I have been taking one capsule since then.

    You speak of Warfarin. Is this better than Plavix or Plavix is better than Warfarin?

    Sara Pavan

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