Instructions For Toenail Surgery


You have been booked for toenail surgery to be done in my office on ________________ at ________________. This will be done under local anesthetic.

If you fail to keep this appointment, then we reserve the right to bill you for not showing up. Please phone our office three days before your appointment to confirm that you will be coming for the procedure.


1. Make sure your feet are clean before you come for the procedure.

2. Have somebody bring you here and take you home as you will have a bulky dressing and will be
unable to wear your shoes and unable to drive.

3. After the surgery you should keep your feet elevated above your hip line for 48 hours. This helps
reduce the swelling and pain and help the healing process.

4. Watch the tip of the toe for adequate circulation. If it is pale white or dusky and turns blue then
loosen the dressing to improve circulation.

5. If there is bleeding or pain which is persistent then call my office or in the evenings or weekends
see the doctor on call at the hospital emergency.

6. For pain – take painkillers which you are familiar with at home or ask for a prescription before you
leave the office after the procedure.

7. Take antibiotics if you have been instructed to do so after surgery.

8. After 48 hours you should change the dressings. It will be stuck to the skin so you
should soak it well and peel it off gently.

9. Apply polysporin and gauze and light dressing once or twice a day until
the pain is gone.

10. If you have stitches then have them removed from you doctor in 10 days.

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