Docs for Cancer – CMAJ News

Excerpt from: CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal)
September 2, 2003; 169 (5):

Doctors for Cancer? In a gesture of support for his patients, Alberta general surgeon Noorali Bharwani had his head shaved to raise $2200 for the Canadian Cancer Society. “We deal with so many cancer patients but we don’t have a way to empathize with them,” Bharwani said after his close shave. “This allows you to appreciate, at least in part, how they feel.” The Medicine Hat surgeon hopes the idea catches on with other Canadian doctors. He notes that police officers already have Cops for Cancer, through which they gather pledges before having their heads shaved. And not only do people appreciate the gesture, says Bharwani (, but being a one-man comb-free zone “is very nice for the summer.” -Barbara Sibbald, CMAJ

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