Well, it is time for New Year’s resolutions. Have you decided what you plan to do or change in 2002?

As for me, I have lots to work on. Some of it will be to continue to improve what I achieved in 2001. Especially not get sucked into a rat race! And apply the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid)!

Let me share with you what my plans are for year 2002. You may have your own ideas. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, most people think in terms of pursuing healthy life style with a desire to live little longer. I am no different than the majority of the people. So what I say here may be on your list of New Year’s resolutions as well!

For year 2001, my New Year’s resolution was to practice ELMOS (exercise, laughter, meditation, organic healthy food, and stress relief). Since I don’t smoke, I did not add another S that would have been for “stop smoking”. So now we have ELMOS with a single S for non-smokers and ELMOSS with double S for smokers!

There are many barriers to good health and the three most important are:

-failure on one’s part to accept that change is required,
-failure to have a strong will power to work toward that change and
-failure to find time to make the change.

I accept that I need to make some more changes in my life. My will power is getting better as I realise that either I work toward achieving good health or suffer the consequences without complain. Finding time has been little better this year than ever before. And I am determined to find more time for my family and myself in 2002. But at work there is always direct and indirect pressure to do more. And that has to be resisted. Workload has to be shared fairly by all.

Well, here is my list:

1. Find more time for myself to continue practicing ELMOS. If I did smoke then “stop smoking” would be first on my list. If smokers can just do that in 2002, then they would be doing a great service to themselves and their families.

2. Find more time for my family.

3. Be an optimist again. Survival rates seem to be better for optimists. Be calm, prudent, levelheaded, resilient, flexible and creative.

4. Continue to eliminate sweet foods from my diet. Use more fruits and vegetables as substitute.

5. Stop worrying about my weight. If I eat right and exercise at least half-an-hour daily then there is no need to worry. If I spend more calories than I take in then my body fat should melt. It is as simple as that!

There is no short cut to good health. It is hard work. And I am determined to do more than I did in 2001. Hope you would do the same. Eating right, exercising moderately, quitting smoking and staying involved in the community can produce enormous benefits to individual’s health. So together, we can keep trying.

Good luck! Happy New Year! And keep it simple stupid!

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