A Doctor’s Journey

A Doctor's Journey (book cover)

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2. About the author
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1. About the book:

This book is about life, my life. A life lived in four continents. A life in which I met many interesting people, experienced many interesting things and visited many interesting places. That makes for interesting stories.

The stories are about my family and friends, about kindness and caring, about laughter and happiness, about good health and bad health, about success and disappointments, about peace and sufferings and about religion and nirvana.

I know you will relate to many of these stories and find them compelling, emotional and humorous. I know you won’t be disappointed. So, go for it!

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2. About the author:

Dr. Noorali Bharwani is a general surgeon and a former Regional Chief of Staff for the Palliser Health Region in southeastern Alberta. He is also a freelance writer and contributes columns on health, wellness and travel to newspapers in Canada.

Noorali is a family man and enjoys his time with his wife and two children. He enjoys writing, biking, walking, downhill skiing (green runs only), swimming (not in the deep end), golfing (with a slice) and reading newspapers and magazines. And he enjoys his work as a surgeon.

3. Testimonials:

“This is a wonderful book – a tribute to his family, to medical profession and to his accomplishments. It mixes the humour and the tragedy that are part of every doctor’s life and it beautifully expresses the caring and compassion that lie at the heart of every true physician. Highly recommended!”
Dr. Martin Jerry, M.D., physician-scientist and co-author of Sutras of the Inner Teacher.

“This is a chronicle of Dr. Bharwani’s remarkable journey over four continents – from Musoma, Africa, to Medicine Hat, Canada. It is a success story of dogged persistence and single-mindedness in the face of overwhelming odds, told with humour and presented in an easy-to-read style.”
Dennis van Westerborg, author of Images and Reflections

“Dr.Bharwani’s writing deftly combines a mix of funny and serious, often in the same chapter. The book will stir your emotions and make you think at the same time. While offering useful suggestions on how to stay healthy, it never becomes overly pedantic or slip into medical jargon. The book is written in a simple style, is easy to follow, and is always both logical and emotionally compelling. Not an easy combination to maintain but Dr. Bharwani does it quite naturally.”

Michael Mirolla, editor, award-winning fiction writer and creative writing tutor

“A secure family unit provides a solid base from which Dr. Bharwani pursues his life’s goals regardless of the external circumstances. His commitment to education and his pursuit of his chosen profession demonstrates high standard for the next generation. His use of quotations, humour and storytelling engages the reader and keeps the interest high.”

Dr. Marian Jerry, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and co-author of Sutras of the Inner Teacher.

4. Table of contents:

About the author
Foreword by Gordon Wright
Introduction by Alisha Sims

1. A pilgrim’s progress
2. Changing gears
3. Dead man walking
4. What’s Up Doc?
5. A tower of strength
6. Isn’t she lovely!
7. Walking and my grandma
8. Cancer kills a Canadian dream
9. Oh, God! What’s your game plan?
10. Gifts of love and caring
11. Bald is beautiful and shiny is sexy
12. The joy of skiing
13. Golf is a wacky game
14. Confessions of a snorer
15. The art of being kind
16. Fighting mosquitoes
17. Finding the centre of consciousness
18. Do no harm
19. A neighbour on Father’s Day
20. Religion, medicine and nirvana
21. Staying healthy and living longer
22. Getting old with flatulence
23. Jamaica and evidence-based medicine
24. Q&A with The Medical Post
25. A Doctor’s prayer
26. What others say
27. A recipe for success
28. Last page prescription

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